10 July 2014

Digital Inclusion Pilot Scheme

Anne McKenna1 aged86

The residents of James Hill House (JHH), Kensington Day Centre (KDC) Members, Leonora House residents and Leonora drop in members are all taking part in our Octavia Support Digital Inclusion Scheme. This scheme has been designed to:

  • Provide access and opportunity for day service members and residents to online information and services.
  • Reduce social isolation through increased use of online services.
  • Integrate digital technology into the day to day lives of our extra care residents and day centre members.

Our first group of Digital Inclusion Champions have now been trained by the Tinder Foundation to deliver support to our residents and day centre members to access online services.

Both James Hill House and Kensington Day Centre already have Wi-Fi access and PC’s on their premises and tablets have also been provided for each scheme.

Users will be encouraged to:

  • Research their interests - web browsers and internet safety accessing online shopping services.
  • Skype call friends and family.
  • Use apps including games, Youtube videos, foreign press, books, films and music.

Tinder Foundation, the founders of The UK Online Centre asked for Octavia Housing to become partners in their “Digital Mission” using our schemes as community Digital Hubs. For older people, disabled people and people on low incomes.

Should the scheme prove successful we hope to get all of our extra care and day services involved.