About Octavia Support

Who we are 

We are Octavia. Founded by the Victorian philanthropist Octavia Hill in the 1860s, our work today covers three areas: homes, support and care. We provide Londoners with quality, affordable housing, allowing many people to remain in the city who otherwise would have been priced out. We empower people, connecting them with opportunities for a better life. And we look after the elderly and vulnerable, with tailored and personalised care.

We are for hope, for communities and connections. For the common good.

Our approach to care 

We look after older and vulnerable adults in many different ways, providing everything from 24-hour care to regular company and a chance for interaction. We also offer outreach services, so we can visit and connect with others across our neighbourhood.

Keeping our standards high

Our team members provide a high quality service that is reliable, responsive and respectful. We invest in ongoing learning and development for staff, to maintain their specialist care skills and show how much we value their work. Many of our staff have worked with us for a long time.

To help provide peace of mind about safety, we police check every member of our team. Our senior management team is always on hand to support members of staff in their day-to-day work.

Improving services through feedback

We continually look for opportunities to involve the people who use our services in improving them. There are lots of ways for you to get involved, including through attending meetings at our centres or by completing questionnaires. Most importantly, our team members will listen to your feedback and opinions whenever they’re with you. We are always keen to know what our customers think and act appropriately on all comments, compliments and complaints that we receive.