9 July 2014

Its official - Octavia awarded RBKC Extra Care contract

john welch

Following a successful bid to the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in January 2014, Octavia are to be awarded a 5 year contract to continue running the care and support services at James Hill House, Miranda House, and 108 Highlever Road, along with taking over the management of services at an existing extra care scheme called Burgess Field, off Golbourne Rd. 

This is fantastic news for residents and staff as it means we can continue to deliver a fully integrated housing, care and support service. We had to compete to run these services in an open competition with very strong local and national care providers.

For those living in extra care, and their families and the staff who work there this has been a long journey, and Octavia would like to say a big thank you for your very positive feedback during the consultation meetings.

This means Octavia are now in a position to move forward with our response to the Extra Care review we undertook in 2013 that will ensure you keep you the best things you like about your service, but we review those things you felt could be improved. We will be coming to talk to residents, their families and staff over the next few months to involve you all in taking this forward.

On wining the bid, we spoke to John, about why he chose us as a provider to take care of his 90 year old mother, Mary Welch.John and his family grew up in Kensington and lived in a council flat. His mother, Mary Welch suffered from a stroke 3 years ago and now lives in one of our flats at James Hill House.

John tells us: after Mum suffered a stroke; we immediately turned to Octavia and the social services who recommended we use Octavia as a full time provider. Seeing that Mum was already using their day centre for 6 years, we weren’t as hesitant about her permanently moving into one of their flats.

Since moving, Mum has received unbelievable service and her life expectancy and quality of life has gone up. If Mum hadn’t come here or been attending the day centre, she wouldn’t have seen her 90th birthday. People here are like family, I know that she is in safe hands.

Staff at James Hill House and the day centre look after her health and well being and inform me of everything that goes on. The flat has allowed her to get her independence back. Every decision is made by Mum, we have a big family and they are all happy that she’s in an environment where she’s safe.

I thoroughly believe Octavia has got it right, which is why they have won the bid. They offer a professional service and there’s nothing more we can expect. I would highly recommend Octavia to anyone who chooses to use day centres and residential services for the elderly. We took her home this Easter, where she enjoyed spending time with her children and grandchildren. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at the day centre and James Hill House. On behalf of my family, I would like to say thank you again for the way they look after my Mum and treat her always with dignity and respect.