9 May 2016

Results from our Care and Support Satisfaction Survey

Resident at James Hill House

During March and April 2016, we conducted a survey of current service users of our care and support services. The survey follows previous surveys to gain feedback on satisfaction with our services.

Surveys were sent out by post for service users of non-residential schemes with a return date to be completed within 3 weeks.

Key questions were asked to the following schemes:

  • James Hill House
  • Miranda House
  • Leonora House
  • Burgess Field
  • Park Lodge House
  • Highlever Road
  • Kensington Day Centre
  • The Quest
  • Sheltered Schemes
  • Outreach service


                Overall satisfaction

Does your support worker do what they say they will do?


How satisfied are you that staff respond to queries you raise in a timely manner?


How satisfied are you that staff respect your views?


How satisfied are you that staff understand your needs?


How satisfied are you with the information we give you about the service?


How satisfied are you that the service has  improved/maintained your quality of life?


(Impacts include: increased independence, reduced isolation and feeling safe)

Overall, how satisfied are you with the service you receive from Octavia’s Support Service?


Would you recommend this service to your family and friends?

87% of service users said they would recommend the service to a family member or friend.

 If you would like to give feedback on any of our services then please contact us here