29 September 2014

Joining up Health and Social Care for a better experience with greater impact


Octavia have been working with Health and Social Care staff as part of an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) pilot project to improve co-ordinating health services. As part of the project, our staff join a group of other health professionals (district nurses, G.P.s, community mental health team, pharmacy, falls team for example) on their ward rounds, sharing our experiences and improving our knowledge to help identify and manage health issues earlier and provide a co-ordinated approach to health and social care.

The project has been partially focussed on helping to review our falls policy so that jointly we can develop an improved fall prevention practice to help to keep even more older people out of hospitals as results of falls. The review includes additional training, trialling equipment and consulting with other professionals so we are better able to assist more people to get up on their own safely.